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Scented candle Atlantico

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    Our candles are inspired by the Canary Islands, an exotic paradise known by its amazing nature and landscapes and home of our brand. Their scents, created exclusively by us with the help of expert perfumers, are aimed to capture the beauty of the islands and bring spirit and dreams to your most precious moments. Each fragance is a perfect getaway, reflecting on memories and personal associations in a unique and balanced aroma.

    This serene and invigorating blend of bergamote and lavend transports you to a sunset walk by our idyllic coast. The earthy undertones of sandal and cedar wood paired with salty notes recreate the intensity of the ocean mist and the feeling of fresh salty air.

    Its blue ceramic vassel has been handcrafted by a local artist, conceived for you to give it a second life once the candle is consumed, and to accent any home decor.

    Made with 100% vegetable wax, with a blend of soy, shea and cocoa butter.

    Burning time: 60 hours.
    Grams of wax: 180 g
    The candle is housed in a round box.

    Handcrafted in the Canary Islands.

    Close your eyes, take a breath and be transported!

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