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Hissia jewellery is designed for an audience who wants to find a quality piece that makes them feel special. As its definition indicates, the jewel is an object of value. As such, it is a delicate good, whose beauty and duration is conditioned by the treatment given to it. Our craftsmen have made a great effort and delicacy in the elaboration of their jewel, having passed all the quality controls. So that you can continue to enjoy its beauty for a long time, please follow the following rules of use.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us by email (, where we will be happy to assist you.

Jewelry is shipped in our brand packaging, and some will include a protective cotton bag. We recommend that you keep the item in its original packaging, avoiding prolonged contact with another product that may erode or cause modifications in its components. We recommend storing them in a dark and dry place, also avoiding excessive heat. If the site is very humid, it is advisable to keep them next to an anti-humidity bag.

One of the characteristics of plating is that it can lose intensity over time and use. The speed at which it disappears depends on how the jewel is cared for. We recommend you to follow the following tips to make them last longer and look pretty for longer.

Avoid contact with all types of liquids, such as water, soaps, detergents, alcohols, or chemicals. Avoid washing your hands, showering, bathing, or cleaning with them. We recommend applying makeup, hairspray and perfume before wearing the jewel. Sweat is also another enemy of plating, just like seawater. Do not wear jewelry when sweating.

Some of our jewels are made with ebony wood. Ebony is one of the hardiest woods, so if properly cared for it will have a long life. However, it could lose its natural protection when in contact with moisture. Therefore, please keep them out of contact with liquids as they may age the wood. To return its shine, you can rub with a soft cloth slightly impregnated with olive oil, or even baby oil, avoiding areas with metal and letting dry before using it.

For cleaning our jewelry, we recommend rubbing them with a soft cloth cloth (not paper), to return the shine and eliminate oxidation. We discourage the use of chemicals, such as metal cleaners. For a deeper cleaning, you can use a damp soft cloth or brush and then dry with a soft temperature hair dryer. Crystalline stones can be cleaned in the same way. Opaque stones such as turquoise or lapis lazuli should not get wet, as they are porous and can absorb moisture. Therefore, please clean them with a dry cloth gently.

Try to prevent jewelry from scratching or falling to the ground. Do not try to force or bend it. When you put on and take off our bracelets, please do so by inserting your open side on the side of your arm. Never try to force it directly from above.