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As something that began as a day of discounts, Black Friday is celebrated throughout this week, and has ended up becoming even a whole month. In Hissia we claim our right not to join this type of initiative. Here’s why!

In Hissia we don't do Black Friday because:

💖 Our productions are small and we don't have surpluses, since we don't manufactur in large quantities. We believe in the differentiation and exclusivity that our customers bring to know that their jewel is not going to be worn by the whole world. 

💖 In addition, all our jewels are made in Spain. In Hissia we work with small workshops and artisans to whom we pay fair wages⁠ for their work. We like to think that we help maintain a trade that is gradually being lost and that we should recover.

💖 The designs of our jewels are timeless and do not go out of fashion from on season to another⁠, so we do not have to liquidate our jewels. Black Friday is purely this - liquidated surpluses that are left over from one season to another at low prices. Hissia has an outlet section in which we put the latest collection units at a reduced price that will no longer be repeated.

💖 And finally, the prices of our jewels are not designed to have large margins that allow us to make large discounts, but to offer you the best quality at an adjusted price⁠ throughout the year. Because we want you to be able to afford our jewelry at any time and don't have to wait for Black Friday.

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