Amuhaici has a successful career as a fashion stylist and consultant. She has taken part in many fashion editorials in Spain, as well as abroad and she is the owner of the concept store Espacio A. She has an exceptional eye to define looks combining trends with her sophisticated and unique personal style. We have reached out to her for her styling tips.

How would you define your style?

I could go on and on to define my style, as when we are creative and we are in the fashion industry, which is constantly evolving, we change and mix all the time, but I feel that over the years I have been defining my style, which I could say it’s casual sophisticated. 

What advice could you give us to help us find our personal style?

First of all, it’s very important that we observe ourselves in front of the mirror, thoroughly, up and down and from one side to the other. Call it vanity, self-love or whatever!

I think it’s crucial that we get to know ourselves, and that we accept and love ourselves just as we are. From there, you are allowed to try and experiment, and try to find out what makes you feel happy. The goal is that you feel good and comfortable at the same time. 

Accessories in general and jewelry in particular can play a key role when defining our style. What are your tips for wearing them?

Accessories, and jewelry specifically, are the most personal elements of our look. They are the final touch that highlight our clothes. We can often wear our clothes as a uniform (i.e. the combo jeans and T-shirt), so you could use your jewelry to add your own personal accent to your look.

In fact, it is in the accessories that we usually invest in most and we expect them to be wearable and timeless; we want pieces that stand the test of time. Therefore, we are more thoughtful when making our buying decisions and that makes the process much more personal, as I mentioned before.

There are two premises that we must take into account when choosing our accessories and our jewelry: you either wear them to match your clothing or to highlight it.

  • The first option means that our accessories must be in harmony with the look, meaning they are part of it and they don’t stand out.
  • The second option is when you use your jewelry to create a contrast to complete and modify your outfit. In those cases, you must wear statement pieces that redefine your final look.

With that in mind, you can choose the jewelry that you prefer for each moment. An appealing look will be defined by a balanced outfit. 

¿Como llevar mis joyas?

In recent years, jewelry has become much more modern and it has become much more of a fashion ítem, affected by trends. How would you apply this when selecting your jewels?

Fashion has, in fact, become much more free, and that has made it much easier to express ourselves in the way we dress.

The way we wear our jewelry has become much more flexible too. We can now mix minimal with chunky pieces, gold and silver, wear asymmetrical jewels, or a big statement piece as the highlight of our look.  

The line between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry has been blurred. Both are accepted for day and night wear, and that freedom is wonderful!

In addition, women do not expect that jewelry is given to us as a gift anymore; we have become much more independent, and we would rather buy ourselves our own jewelry as a self-gift.

Jewelry is freedom, feminity…it has become part of the narrative of what is nowdays happening in our society.

Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets…if you had to choose, which would be your favorite?

Over the years I have gone through different periods. I have done big statement earrings, chunky necklaces, bracelets and rings, but also minimal jewelry… there is no middle ground!  

Since last year, I am in a more subtle momento; it’s probably a result of coming to middle age! All I wear now are small, subtle pieces that I can wear and combine in my own personal way. I create my own combinations mixing gold and silver. Few, cute and special pieces, I would say…

That said, there are pieces that I really identify with, and I wear them all the time.

I had gone through a long period of not wearing earrings but since I tried Hissia hoops, I have gone to wearing them everyday! I only wear those or Hissia’s climbing earrings with semiprecious stones.



You have known Hissia for some time, not only wearing their jewels, but you also styled their last campaign. How would you define Hissia’s style? What makes it different from other brands?

Hissia mixes design, contemporariness and style, departing from a classic ground that makes it timeless. Sometimes you can identify architectonic inspiration and in their latest collections, you will find more organic and subtle lines. It really responds to the different styles of women, with the common thread of personal femininity. 

You feel that they value every one of their pieces, and they are very wearable at the same time. Both statement and minimal pieces breathe design and personality. When you wear them, you feel the pieces are full of care and attention.

I think it’s that personal character that defines and differentiates the brand. You can easily identify a Hissia piece, and in fact, that is not an easy task to achieve and very interesting for a brand.

Which one would be your favorite piece?

I loved their last campaign and having the opportunity to be involved in their creative process, working  closely with their creative designer, Bea Vergara. Also, selling their jewelry in my own concept store, Espacio A, I have become very attached to some of their pieces, such as their climbing earrings, their signet and stacking rings, and their Paradise collection, which is fully inspired from the sea. At this very moment though, I will stick to their oval Luna hoops that I wear all the time!

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