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From the moment you decide to get married, your wedding day becomes the most important day of your life. You want that day to be magical and meaningful, and you realize how many details you have to think about. Among those details there is an essencial one: choosing your wedding ring.

In essence, each bride is unique and different from any other. Consequently, choosing their wedding jewels are also a personal and unique experience. In this post we will help you select the jewels to shine on your day!

Must have jewels for a bride

the engagement ring

There are many unforgettable moments before the wedding. A key one is the proposal, and whether you are less or more romantic, the engagement ring is the star, as it represents the engagement.

To us, that is a daydream moment full of emotions and love that will never be forgotten.

These rings usually feature a diamond, a perfect choice for the classic ones. However, other trends are gaining ground, such as the vintage style or rings featuring other gemstones and colors.

the wedding ring 

Especial bodas cuáles son las joyas imprescindibles en una novia 1

The ring has naturally the leading role when it comes to wedding jewelry, as engagement rings and wedding rings are a must for any bride.

Just as style trends are currently countless, the same applies to wedding rings. As much as we love simplicity, our advice is that you go for your personal choice and make it an extension of your personality. Truth is, a wedding ring can be whatever you want...

Here is an example of an exclusive design that we designed and custom-crafted for an amazing bride that might be an inspiration for you as you choose your perfect wedding ring:  

The most traditional choice when it comes to wedding rings is yellow gold. However, white gold or even silver are also a common option. Material is something secondary for us. Most importantly are the ring’s sentimental meaning, as it represents eternal love, and that its design is in sync with the bride’s style


It is a tradition for many brides to choose the earrings worn by their mothers or grandmothers. Our advice is, follow that tradition only if they complete your look nicely. This will of course add a wonderful emotional touch.

Especial bodas cuáles son las joyas imprescindibles en una novia 4
Mídori Drop Earrings


If they don’t fit into your style or this is not a tradition in your family, there are plenty of options, especially nowadays that everything is much more open and free when it comes to wedding styles. Just select ones that make you feel fresh, flattered, and have a common thread with the rest of the outfit.

Especial bodas cuáles son las joyas imprescindibles en una novia 5

 Luna Earrings


Other options for a bride

a tiara

A common option for many brides. A nice tiara always has a romantic flair…

If you choose to wear one, less is more. Be careful and select a style that goes with your dress and nicely frames your face and hairstyle.

a necklace

A necklace is not a common option for all brides. In fact, most of them do without them. A nice option is of course a family jewel or a piece that has a sentimental meaning for you. If you do choose one, our advice is to go for one that is simple, with clean lines and is in sync with your dress.

a bracelet

Just as necklaces, bracelets have not been a traditional jewel worn by brides. However, things are rapidly changing, and current brides are breaking the molds wearing bracelets to complete their looks. Simplicity is the key. Make sure that the complete look is balanced and looks in harmony together.

Especial bodas cuáles son las joyas imprescindibles en una novia 3Eclipse Necklace


Especial bodas cuáles son las joyas imprescindibles en una novia 2Eclipse Bracelet


Finally, we finally recommend to make sure that the jewels you wear on your wedding day should be an extension of your personality. On that day, you should definitely feel at ease with yourself, comfortable, happy and relaxed. A day to remember forever.

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