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Multi pierced ears have become a major trend. They have also turned into a creative and sophisticated way to express your personality. Many of our customers often come to us for recommendations about how and where should they get their piercings done. We often see piercings that are not well done, with permanent results. Whether you already have a piercing or are thinking about it, we have put together this guide compiling the recommendations of the best professionals from the piercing world.


Milti pierced ears Everything you need to know about piercingsEar piercing

The process of professional ear piercing should take from half to one and a half seconds to perform. The person only experiences a mild pain during the perforation moment. After the piercing, a titanium or stainless steel stud is introduced in the ear, and is left there during the healing process for at least one month.

In order to avoid infections during this period, especially the first days, we recommend:

  • Don’t touch your piercings with dirty hands
  • Keep your pillowcases clean
  • Clean the piercing twice a day with neutral soap
  • Dry it with gauze
  • Wash the piercing with a saline solution
  • Move the piercing within your lobe

Forget about piercing guns

Keep this in mind: avoid piercing guns. Good professionals only use needles, not piercing guns. Although the concept of a needle usually causes anxiety, needles are designed to get a cleaner, more accurately placed piercing with less trauma to the tissue. Guns use a spring mechanism to shove a sharpened, thick earstud through the tissue. The process of the ear gun is to introduce a sharp stud straight through the earlobe. Many of those are neither non-detachable nor pre-sterilized, so they can cause infections. Another reason against piercing guns is that people all have different lobe widths, and the perforation with the gun is a standard size. Therefore, the stud introduced with the gun can be small for us, and harm us during the healing process. Additionally, the studs used are usually not good quality. Finally, one last reason is that it is very difficult to control the angle of the piercing with an ear gun. The gun shoots perpendicularly, as the stud might not make its way through the tissue if done another way.

Piercing placement

Piercing orientation is also crucial. We want the piercings to point to the front, and not perpendicular to the ear. Thus, the wearer should see the front of their earrings when looking straight in the mirror, rather than having to turn their heads to the side to see the earring straight on.

Professionals recommend to start ear piercings after age 5, when ears are sufficiently developed so as not to modify piercing placement.


The wonderful thing about the modern aproach to piercing is that it has become a very creative field with no rules regarding piercing location. There are a great deal of options. 

We must take into account that the sensitivity and vascularity of the ear varies depending on the area. For instance, the cartilage has a lower blood flow than the lobe.  Less blood flow means a longer healing time. The ear lobe is the area with less sensitivity and usually takes 6 weeks to heal.

Our most important advice is that the espace between the first and the second holes is not  too narrow. Simultaneosly, we would usually want to wear a large stud in our first hole and a smaller in the second. The first stud could be as large as 12-13 cm in diameter. Therefore, the second hole should be at least 8 mm way from the first hole. 

How to style our earrings

Here are a few examples that we love of how to layer our earrings!

How to solve mis-placed piercings or ripped lobes?

If you don’t like how your piercings are placed, there are tricks that can be done by bending the post to change the earring orientation. We also recommend using large earring posts to prevent earrings from pointing down on the ear. You can read further about this in this post: 

Only in cases where the earlobe piercings are too low or in danger of tearing, there should be a surgical intervention. This situation requires the piercing to be cut and stitched back up. The earlobe can be re-pierced once the internal tissue has healed. The line scar can be easily hidden with a stud.

How to find a good piercing studio?

We recommend you search for the address of the Association of Professional Piercers in your country. They will be able to provide you with their list of members who meet their requirements.

Once at the studio, assess the cleanliness. Ask them how they sterilize their jewelry, whether they wear gloves and ask to see the autoclaves.

Our suggestions for you

We hope these were useful pieces of advice for you! If you have one or more piercings, we have a wide variety of options to offer you!

If you are not ready to pierce your ear, our earcuffs are a perfect option for you, since you can wear them without a piercing!

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