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A very common question from our customers is what kind of earrings can I wear with my ripped earlobes? We have put together our recommendations to help you deal with this issue!

A great number of women experience earlobe tearing caused by the continued use of wearing heavy earrings, causing the ripping of their ear piercings and enlarging the size of their lobes. What seems like an unimportant issue, this can dramatically restrict the earring you wear.


earrings for streched ears

First and foremost, weight is essential. We therefore recommend you wear light earrings. This is a key issue for us when designing our earrings, with none of them weighting over 9.5 grams (0.33 ounces). Our Fez or Riad hoops are a great choice, as they are crafted in ebony wood, so light that you’ll feel you are wearing nothing at all! 


Lóbulo rasgado cuáles son los pendientes adecuados para disimularlo 1

Our Chloe hoops are also an ideal option. These striking statement hoops are, in spite of their size, very light since they are open in their back and their stones are carved in semicircle shape. Both large and small sizes are a great choice.

Secondly, the shape is crucial. Many of our earrings are designed to hide the piercing. Our suggestions include our Hoop earrings Bianca, Bone and gold earrings Marina, Silver ear climbers Luna, Gold hoop earrings Jean,  Gold and black onyx earrings Cleo or Gold stud earrings Amina. We definitely don’t recommend you wear hook earrings, as they rip the lobe down, showing the perforation.


lobulo rasgado cuales son los pendientes adecuados para disimularlo 4


Lóbulo rasgado cuáles son los pendientes adecuados para disimularlo 5

We know the imporance of feeling comfortable, flattered, and confident, and do our best to help you feel that way!

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