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Accessories are those details that help us shape our own personal style. And jewelry, especifically, is the spark of our look. 

Follow along for jewelry tips to help you combine your necklaces and rings, and the best way to wear to help you shine! 

how to wear your necklaces 

Pendant chains are a perfect choice to wear as a basic piece, one that you can wear as part of yourself everyday. Wear it by itself for a subtle and simple look or layered with other jewels to create your own look. You can choose among multiple options, such as our gold disc necklace Kubik , our black onyx and gold necklace Chloe or our gold necklace Mussel. We just love layering! 

 gargantilla de oro disco kubikgargantilla de oro y onix negro chloeMussel Gold Necklace detail

TIPs:  we love layering different necklaces together at different hights, even mixing gold and silver for a personal, cool look. It's a great option to shed light in your neck and cleavage. 

The choker was borned in the 90's and it's perfect to confer a fresh, modern twist to your look. It looks better worn with a slim necklace, we suggest our gold necklace Kubik.

TIPs: we recommend simple designs for an elegant look. They look great with closed necklines, with V necklines or combined with other necklaces at different hights.

Kubik disc Necklace Gold model

how to wear your rings

As rings are located away from the face or body, they are not subject to the same rules as them. In fact, you can wear them pretty much according to your own rules and moods, and don't need to be combined with the rest of your jewelry.

We have the option of a statement ring, crafted in gold or silver, confering style and personality on their own, such as our gold ring Eclipse.

TIPs: it can be the highlight of your casual look. Alternativery, it can also be combined with a statement necklace or earrings for a sophisticated look. You can also wear two similar statement rings in different colores for a super chic look. 

Signet rings can be personalized, as they can be engraved with your initial, a date or a symbol of your choice. We suggest our gold round signet ring or our silver signet oval ring.  

TIPs: they can be worn in every finger, and looks super cool in the pinky or index finger. They are also a great option to mix with simple rings or even with feminine designs including diamonds or pearls. 

anillo de plata oval

Gemstone rings add light and color to your look and a sophisticated twist to your hands. We love our  turquoise and gold large stacking ring Chloe   or our green onyx and gold small stacking ring Chloe.

TIPs: make them your own! Don't be afraid to wear them on a daily basis and mix them! 

 anillo de oro y turquesa grande chloe 2anillo de oro y onix verde pequeo chloe

Finally, simple rings are also a great choice. They are meant to be worn as a basic. You can choose among our gold thin ring Eclipse, our silver thin ring Kubik or our gold ring Horn.

anillo de oro kubik fino

TIPs: wear one, two or a lot, mix simple and intricate designs. Try to create a balanced mix, and you can also combine gold and silver. 

In short, there are no rules, you must just feel comfortable and flattered. Try and experiment, to create your own style. Keep proportions in mind. And when in doubt, ask us! We'll be happy to help!

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