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Accessories are those details that help us express who we are. And jewelry, in particular, is the highlight that really expresses our personality. It's the spark of our look.

Here are some tips to help us wear and combine our jewels to really make us shine. 

jewelry styling tips

We choose our jewels based on our personal style, the clothes we are wearing, the occasion, or how we are feeling.

From the styling standpoint, we can choose between neutral jewels, that help us create harmony with the rest of our look, or special jewels aimed to create contrast. 

how to wear your earrings

Let's start with earrings, which are the most the most demanded accesories. Stud earrings are perfect to dress your ears, and great to wear on a daily basis. This is the aim of neutral studs, crafted in gold or silver with a simple design. We suggest our gold stud earrings Eclipse, the asymmetric silver stud earrings Kubik or the gold stud earring lightning Ana.

TIPs: studs are perfect to subtly light up our simple looks. They are a great option to put the focus in our neck or ring when wearing statement necklaces or rings.  

pendientes dormilonas de oro asimetricas eclipseDormilonas Kubik plataAna Lightning Gold Stud Earrings

But special studs are also a choice. Crafted in gold or silver or with gemstones, you can choose among our gold and bone stud earrings Cleo or the gold ear climbers Chloe.

TIPs: they are great to confer a color splash to your look. They are the perfect highlight for your neutral toned clothes, or to match your prints or other accessories. We advise against wearing everything combined, but rather hightlight one of the tones of your clothes.

Ear cuffs are also a great option to update your look. We suggest our silver ear cuff Luna or the double gold ear cuff Luna

TIPs: wear them mixed and matched with other studs or small hoops for a fresh look. 

Chloe Ear Climbers model

Long earrings are also among our favorites. They are crafted in gold or silver, and can include gemstones for a color highlight.

We can also choose among minimal yet chic, neutral designs, such as our gold drop earrings Elena or the gold drop earrings Sunset.

TIPs: they help gracefully frame your look, without creating a strong focus. They are perfect for any style. 

Elena Earrings Gold model

Another option is choosing a statement long earring, a special design that confers design to your look. They are crafted with an intricate design or materials, and are great to confer a sophisticated twist to your look. We recommend our long gold drop earrings Carmen or the gold drop earrings Cate rose.

 Joyas para regalar el Día de la Madre 5pendientes de oro y calcedonia rosa cate

TIPs: they are great to add a twist to your casual or basic day looks. They can also confer a chic twist to your night looks.  When they are crafted with a gemstone, choose to combine its color with one of your outfit for a balanced look. Alternatively, choose a mismatched color to create contrast. Keep in mind that its size must be balanced with the height and proportions of the person wearing it, and also with the size of the neck and neckline. It the gemstone is matte, it will be better for the day or for casual night outfits.

Hoop earrings are a classic shape that can be worn day through night. The neutral hoop, crafted in gold or silver with a simple design is a perfect option to wear as a basic, such as our small gold hoop earrings Marrakech or our citrine and gold hoop earrings Cala.

TIPs: both fresh and sophisticated, they match with everything. 

Marrakech Small Gold Hoop EarringsCala citrine hoop earrings with modelargollas pequeas de oro y onix negro chloe

The special hoop is another option. Decorated with dazzling details, this hoop is crafted with intricate details or striking gemstones that confer a sophisticated twist to your stylings. We suggest our gold hoop earrings Frida or our gold hoop earrings with turquoise and green onyx Chloe.

These hoops will confer a special flair to your T-shirt and jeans, and also be a graceful match to a dressy outfit. Remember that size is important, so we must choose them according to the height and proportions of the person who will be wearing them.

todo lo que debes saber sobre los piercing 2

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