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Sometimes it’s difficult to find a present for men. Finding presents for women is much easier in terms of variety. With this in mind, we have created some jewels addressed to men who enjoy wearing unconventional, out of the box accessories

Out of the box gifts

If you are aiming to find a gift for a man who is into art and design, who enjoys traveling and has a cosmopolitan flair, he is likely to appreciate the story behind the jewels created by our artisans, such as our Safari silver bracelet or our Marrakech string bracelet. These pieces have been created inspired by African textures or by the textile artisans of the city of Marrakech.




Gifts for unconventional men

If you are searching for a gift for those who dare with everything, our Infinito Collection is a great option. Our bracelet and cufflinks feature an infinite symbol that means ‘infinite love’, ‘I always think of you’ or ‘you are always with me’!


Gifts for fun guys

There are men who love giving their looks a special twist, such as coloured socks or fun accessories. If that is the case, our Kubik cufflinks are a perfect option, as they play with asymmetry featuring a ball in one cufflink and a cube in the other. We love geometry! Don’t you think it’s the perfect gift for an architect?

Personalised gifts for him

Our philosophy is to work with small artisans, that allow us to personalise most of our jewels. We can engrave them with a special date, your kid’s names, a nickname or we can even modify their design. You just have to send us a message or fill our contact form and we will help you craft your most special jewel.




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