Hissia is the Spanish jewelry brand that draws a timeliness line between fashion and jewelry. Our unique designs, crafted by artisans add a personal style to both your day to day and special occassions.

hissia joyeria artesanal beatriz vergaraThe Designer

My name is Beatriz Vergara and I am the founder and soul of Hissia.

Jewelry design was not my original path. I studied Business at Licoln University (U.K.) and earned my Master´s degree in International Affairs from Tufts University (USA). Before I created Hissia, I had a career in economic development and international trade, in both the public and prívate sectors, including fashion. It is with this foundation, my extensive travels, and my creativity, that shape the brand’s DNA.


Hissia combines design, craftsmanship and sustainabilty.

Our name is inspired by hisia, which means “emotion, feeling and passion” in the Swahili language. The strength and energy of this word is reflected in the design and production of each one of our pieces.

Although the inspiration comes from the traditional Spanish craftsmanship, our designs blend many textures. From African tribal art to ornaments characteristic of Amerindians, our jewelry offers our clients a journey of discovery of the refined European aesthetic, the functional American sensibility, and the African flair.

These qualities are the essence of our jewels, defined by their restrained, feminine and timeless style, perfect for everyday.

Our brand is defined by its ethical values, using only natural raw material. All our production is made in Spain.


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We create unique jewels hand-crafted by master artisans from small production workshops in Western Africa, India and Spain.

In Africa, we work with artisans who master the hand carving of natural materials such as wood, horn and bone. In India, we work with experts in the carving of semi-precious stones. Our jewels are handcrafted in Spain, taking advantage of a long tradition of artisanal jewelry.

We hand make our jewels with the lost-wax casting, an ancient practice in jewelry. Through this process, pieces can be obtained from a cast made from a prototype sculpted in wax.

We only manufacture small productions.








sobre nosotros piedras semipreciosas

sobre nosotros materiales opt

Our collections are crafted mainly in sterling silver. Many of them have a plating of 18 karat gold. Our jewels do not contain nickel.

In our collections, we use as well a wide variety of natural gemstones that fascinate us with their personality, luminosity and properties, whose color has not been altered.

We also use natural bone, hand carved and polished using artisanal techniques. This bone proceeds from slaughterhouses, being a natural recycled product.

Ebony, considered an exotic wood, is also among the materials that we use. We love its warmth, lightness and timelessness. Our ebony comes from the Gaboon species, one of the darkest and resistant woods.



Another of our pillars is our model of ethical business. We value the work of our artisans and with our business philosophy in mind, we only selec those artisans who also share our vision.




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