At Hissia you’ll find a wide selection of jewelry available online and in stores. Our style is defined by their simple yet strong lines, offering jewelry basics with a character. Jewels that are recognized by their effortless elegance. Our collection includes all you need for the everyday and for the special moments of your life.

Our brand dates back to 2013, when Beatriz Vergara, it’s founder and designer, launched it in her home town Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Itis from these islands, renowed in all Europe for its exuberant nature, where Beatriz is inspired by the local to create universal jewels. With a nod to the rich Spanish craftsmanship and world art, she creates easy-to-wear jewels with a creative design. Jewels that combine textures, materials and colors that transcend trends. Jewels that you won't like to take off, aimed to bring beauty and emotion to those wearing them.

The name is inspired by inspired by the word hisia, meaning emotion, feeling and passion in the swahili dialect. The beauty and strength of this word concentrates the essence of the brand.

beatriz vergara fundadora y diseadora hissia 1   paisaje lanzarote




Our collections are handcrafted by the best artisans, who share our passion for quality.

They are made in sterling silver and sterling silver with a plating of 18 karat gold and they don't contain nickel.

We also use a wide variety of natural gemstones that fascinate us with their personality, luminosity and properties, whose color has not been altered.



Our production model is based on ethics and responsibility in all our processes.

 We respect the balance of natural resources using raw material that comes from sustainable sources. We don't bleach or dye our raw material, which does not contain chemical products nor artificial varnishs that might have a harmful impact in the environment.  

 la marca hissia 1


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