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Meet the makers and minds behind Hissia

I would like to introduce to you all to all the creative heads and hands behind our jewels. Each one of us make our best to bring you a bit of joy and hapiness. All of them are crucial, just like you, as without them Hissia would not be the same. So lay back and enjoy!

Exclusive design and creativity, our ethos

All starts with me, Bea Vergara, the designer and founder of the brand. The ideas for the collections come up from my mind. I’m also the one in charge of putting all the team together.


After the ideas come up, they are processed by Juanan, a talented jeweler and model-maker who transforms with his skilled hands and creativity, my sketches into real pieces.

Apart from having his own workshop, he is a teacher in a Jewelry School in Madrid. Over time, we have learnt to work together, he has got to know my taste and my particular touch. I am still impressed by his technical abilities to solve problems derived from my designs. His skill to create textures and volumen is unique. Our collections have many textures, so this is very important to me.


Local production, handcrafted jewelry made in Spain

The original piece goes then to another workshop, where different jewelers cast, plate, set stones and polish the pieces until they are all set and perfect!


David is another jeweler who we work with. He is passsionate, attentive to detail and very creative. He is in charge of creating hand crafted pieces. Custom orders are increasingly more important to us, and include wedding bands, or custom made pieces in collaboration with our customers.



Niru is our enameler. She combines her job at her atelier with teaching lessons, as there are only a few people with this specialization. The colors we use are the result of our own exclusive mix, so her perfectionist vein is very important to us.


The human factor: the value of talent and creativity 

Once the jewels are finished, we must exhibit them in the most beautiful ways in both our brick-and-mortar and online shop (and I love this part)! For this purpose, we also have an amazing talented team!

The displays where our jewelry is exhibited are designed and custom made for us by different artisans. Also the pouches that contain our jewels are custom sewed for us.


Yolanda is the lady behind the camera. She creates our product pictures and also the ones for the blog. She is very easy to work with and we love the way she captures the essence not only of our products, but also of the portraits she makes.



Finally, we want our jewels to look as amazing as they are in the shops. Miryam is our Visual Merchandiser who has worked in cutting-edge fashion brands all over the world. She instils her artistic and creative twist to our displays.



As you can have seen, our jewels reflect the love and talent of all these amazing artisans. When you buy them, you not only support each one of us but also the craftsmanship and traditions passed on by generations.